glacier is formed by many layers, powerful and persistent. glacier carves into the foundation of the earth, forming it to create a vast, exploratory vision. monstrous and fearsome at times, at other times delicate and beautiful, this is a body of sound that will leave its mark, and a world to spend centuries in.

18th June 2012


Video from Project Lodge performance. Thanks to Michaela for filming!

13th June 2012


Glacier has released our debut album, titled MONOLITHIC.We had a really fantastic show on Saturday, joined by the great trio, Tony Barba’s Facetime, who brought the heavy grooves.

Glacier has released our debut album, titled MONOLITHIC.

We had a really fantastic show on Saturday, joined by the great trio, Tony Barba’s Facetime, who brought the heavy grooves.

3rd May 2012

Audio post

Here’s a recording from our very first concert, last May. Still one of our favorite performances. The whole show will be available online soon…

Improvisation by Glacier: Ben Willis, bass, Luke Polipnick, guitar, Geoff Brady (vibraphone, drums)

Source: SoundCloud / CuriousWillis

29th February 2012


Glacial Wednesday @ Dragonfly Lounge

It’s been exciting lately for Glacier—we’ve started a weekly residency at the coolest new venue in town, the Dragonfly Lounge.

Every Wednesday, Glacier curates a night of spontaneous composition, featuring some of the Madison area’s finest improvisors.

TONIGHT, Feb 29th, will feature a quartet of Luke Polipnick, guitar and Ben Willis, bass, w/ special guests Kyle Traska, drums, and Pat Reinholz, electric cello.

This happens every Wednesday! We’ve got some really exciting stuff planned, including a Klezmer/free freakout featuring members on Yid Vicious on March 20th. 

17th November 2011


We played the Ratchet Series at the Skylark in Chicago this Monday.

We’re playing Dec. 16th at Audio for the Arts in Madison with Chicago’s Friction Brothers. 

17th November 2011


Last week we played at a new place in Madison, Redamte. The place is great—local food, great coffee, and supportive of the local Musickers.

15th September 2011


upcoming showz


We have some stuff that we’re really excited coming up in Madison:

TOMORROW, Sept. 16th, we’re opening for A Hawk and a Hacksaw at the Sett in the new Union South on the UW campus. 9pm

Saturday, Oct. 8th, we’ll be playing at the Frequency, opening for Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric

Saturday, Oct. 22nd, we’re sharing a bill with the awesome Arp of the Covenant at Buraka on State St. 9pm.

See you there!

28th June 2011



We have the rough mixes from the recordings we made at Audio for the Arts last month, and they’re pretty exciting. (HOT VENOM) They will be available in the near future as an album. Before that, though, here’s a recording from a living room session:

Glacier by CuriousWillis

28th June 2011


Glacier performing at the Fredric March Play Circle on June 11th.

30th May 2011

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we exist

glacier made our debut performance on May 26th at Audio for the Arts in Madison, WI. it was an ekpyrotic experience, to be sure.

we will have recordings from that performance soon, don’t worry. in the interim, add our next performance to your calendars: June 11th, 2011, at the Project Lodge.

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